Thursday, March 3, 2011


GR146: Merzbow - April 1992 C48 cassette
The remnants of Merzbow's previous dozen years utilizing audio collage can be heard being buried underneath the coming decade's loop pulsations and filter squall. Gunshots, radio, clanging metal and other debris make up the background of a deceptively sparse mix on these two sides. While the subtle stereo action, hissing white noise, and short rolling loops that make up the foreground give this release a very amorphous quality that stands up well to repeated listening. Archival recordings from 1992. Pro printed color covers and pro duplicated and color labeled chrome tapes. Edition of 200 copies. $7.00ppd US / $9.00ppd WORLD

GR150: Orphanage Rats s/t C30 cassette
3rd Orphanage Rats jam, this time recorded in the catacombs of Sam’s killer basement. More free, harsh, and loud than the first two OR tapes. Pummeling usage of synths and electronics. Watch out for an Orphanage Rats LP in the (somewhat) near future. Xerox covers, painted tapes. Edition of 30 copies. $4.00

GR152: Orphanage Rats - Empty End CD-R
Muddy remix takes of GR108: Orphanage Rats - Rodent Cross 2xcassette. Extremely closed in clatter, broken glass, tape, and minimal electronics. Long and short tracks, and tapes run through cat litter and old beer. Xerox covers, painted discs, packaged in slim DVD cases. Edition of 15 copies. $5.00

GR157: Blue Water Transit – For Those Who Keep Late Hours C20 cassette
This is what happens when you pack 5 people into a living room (4 of them non-jammers) with a floor full of gear and wishful thinking on a Tuesday night. The sounds are extremely organic, with the occasional circuit squeal. Lots of vocal loops and short bursts of unprocessed feedback. Sounds like it was recorded outside of a castle-like prison structure. May it never happen again. Xerox covers, painted tapes, edition of 15 copies. $4.00

GR161: Knox Mitchell / Plague Mother C20 cassette
One harsh and spastic side by Ohio’s harsh and dog-friendly jammer PLAGUE MOTHER (aka ARSONIST’S PRAYER), and one space synth/tape cutup side by Jeddo, MI zoner Knox. Short jams, lots of contrast, OHIO AND MICHIGAN ALLIANCE. My two favorite states. Color covers, painted tapes, edition of 25 copies. $5.00

GR165: Mind War s/t C30 cassette
New 3 headed monster unit of Sam Hooker (Tarpit, Bile and Horseman, etc.) on mutant tapes and guitar, and Andrew Coltrane (Cold Turkey, Minkshroud, etc.) and Knox Mitchell (Five Finger Discount, Precious Trombley, etc.) on electronics, tapes, horns ????. Weird flowing sounds with a fractured rhythms and lots of BUZZZZZ. Color covers, painted tapes, edition of 30 copies. $5.00

GR166: Cujo – Moon Foul C77 cassette
Rehearsals from a gig where they ran a flanger through our entire setup when we used the PA, there was no heat, and we all ran the risk of death by inhalation – UGH. Luckily, these jams sound great enough to get rid of the shitty memories. Duo and trio tracks, all striving towards the same tonal purity and high-pitched togetherness. Knox Mitchell, Jon Browning, and Anthony Viviano. Color covers, red labeled tapes, edition of 20 copies. $5.00

All releases (minus the Merzbow tape – refer to the posting for that one) are postage-paid in the USA. Add $1.00 per release anywhere else in North America, and add $1.50 per release overseas.

Batch deal: All releases for $30.00ppd US / $40.00ppd WORLD

Paypal to:

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

Mail well-concealed cash, check, or money order to:
Knox Mitchell
8129 Wildcat
Jeddo, MI 48032

Questions, concerns, late orders, trades, etc? Email me at or call me at 810-956-7424

Still have to send out a few orders from the last batch (just international ones), but not many, and distros will have copies soon!

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