Lidless Eye C62 cassette (Green, June 2010)
For Fred C40 cassette (Green, June 2010)
Undergrowth C30 cassette (Green, March 2011)
Structure Removal C60 cassette (Green, April 2011)
The Silent Delivery CD-R (Green, May 2011)
Others Here With Us C30 cassette (Green, August 2011)
Live In Stone (with HZMT) C20 cassette (Green, August 2011)
At The Graves C40 cassette (Green, August 2011)
Quiet Swarm 12xcassette boxset (Green, August 2011)
Don't Blink C60 cassette (Green, September 2011)
Wire Hazard CD-R + Zine (Green, October 2011)
Live C30 cassette (Green, October 2011)
Rebirth Of The Flesh 2xcassette boxset (Green, December 2011)
Liquid Ice In Vein CD-R with lathe cut on bottom (Green, January 2012)
Forging Frequencies (with HZMT) CD-R (Green, January 2012)
Miracles Through Murder CD-R + Zine (Green, January 2012)
Split with Last Of England C20 cassette (Green, January 2012)
Take It Out In Trade 2xcassette + CD-R boxset (Green, Febuary 2012)
We Are Here 2xCD-R (Green, March 2012)
Sand Sickness C30 cassette (Green, March 2012)
Long Years In A Straight Line C47 cassette (Magnetic Regions, May 2012)
Incantations Of The Armageddon C64 cassette (Green, June 2012)
Full Body Apparition 4xcassette boxset (Green, June 2012)
Stops A Beating Heart C32 cassette (Green, July 2012)
Depletion Serum (Blue Spectrum Tapes, September 2012)
Circular File C32 cassette (Green, October 2012)
Chocolate Gamelon C10 cassette (October 2012)
Endless Torture C40 cassette (October 2012)
Hideous Misfortune C40 cassette (Null Religion, November 2012)
Demos C47 cassette (November 2012)
Yellowstone Vs. The Nation C32 cassette (November 2012)
Toni, Black Tigress C24 cassette (November 2012)
Personal Injury C32 cassette (December 2012)
Blood Spatters C60 cassette (December 2012)
Gummed Enclosure CDr (Green, December 2012)
Escape The Split Screen single-sided LP (Life Like, January 2013)
Angora Morgue C90 cassette (Beartown Records, January 2013)
Death Perserver 2xcassette (8EMINIS, January 2013)
Vile Mutations CD-R (Blue Spectrum Tapes, February 2013)
The Liquid Engineer C32 cassette (Green, March 2013)
Split with Klinikal Skum C62 cassette (Green, March 2013)
The Virgin Exorcist C10 cassette (April 2013)
Turbid Pace C40 cassette (April 2013)
Basement Graves C30 cassette (April 2013)
Dedication Of Family 4xCD-R (Blue Spectrum Tapes, May 2013)
External Organs C10 cassette (June 2013)
Private View C40 cassette (June 2013)
Subconscious Prison C32 cassette (June 2013)
Full Body Apparition II 2xcassette (Green, July 2013)
Poetic Jaundice C24 cassette (August 2013)
Telefantasy C60 cassette (August 2013)
Blue Perfume C60 cassette (August 2013)
Satispheres Of Alpha Blue C60 cassette (August 2013)
Scratching At The Window C60 cassette (August 2013)
Split with Macabro C47 cassette (Green, August 2013)
Dead Hand C40 cassette (Green, August 2013)
Split with Andrew Coltrane C10 cassette (Green, August 2013)
Michigan Subterranean Vol I CD-R (split with PBK and Josh McAbee) (Sound Genetic, November 2013)
Mercy Too Late C30 cassette (December 2013)
Kill House C42 cassette (Green, November 2013) 
Winter Heat C90 cassette (December 2013)
Sound I.F. 1 C47 cassette (December 2013)
Sound I.F. 2 C40 cassette (March 2014)
Sound I.F. 3 C32 cassette (March 2014)
Wet Depressions C90 cassette (April 2014)
Live At Magic River C40 cassette (April 2014)
Sound I-F 4 cassette (May 2014)
Sound I-F 5 cassette (May 2014)
Escape The Split Screen single-sided LP + CDr (Green, June 2014)
Blood Circus C47 cassette  (Pennsylvania Hypno Center, 2014)
High Intensity Discharge  2xcass boxset (Green, September 2014)
Snakewarmer C30 cassette (Green, September 2014)
Sound I-F 6 cassette (October 2014)
Sound I-F 7 cassette (October 2014)
Flour Child C10+C30 boxset (Green, November 2014)
Reaching In The Dark C90 cassette (Green, November 2014)
Sound I-F 8 C20 cassette (November 2014)
Lusbirdan C60 cassette (Green, January 2015)
Agonal Breathing 6xcass boxset  (Green, January 2015)
Casket Paddles CDr (Green, January 2015)
Partol Cemiquol C28 cassette (Poor Little Music, May 2015)
Madness Times The Unknown  floppy disc (Poor Little Music, May 2015)
Septic Infection cassette (Ayurvedic, July 2015)
Blinded From A Distance 2xCDr (Green, July 2015)
Faces In Axis CDr (Green, July 2015)
No Function CDr (Green, July 2015)
Cryogenic Glasses C10 cassette  (Green, August 2015)
Frogs And Cauldrons 5" lathe (8EMINIS. October 2015)
Slowly Losing Sight C32 cassette (Hermitage Tapes, October 2015)


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  2. OMG so much great stuff I've missed out on.
    Wish I could hear it all.